of the wonders Dreampeople can do for your business

Employee Self Service

Stay engaged and involved

Let your people know what’s happening in the business. Congratulate the team upstairs for completing that project, and ready a warm welcome for the new hires.
Now everyone has no excuse for forgetting your birthday.

Communicate like a hive mind

Know what’s going on with your team members. Plan ahead if someone’s going on leave next week. No more last-minute emails and hectic patch-ups.
Be more than a team - be the dream team!

Time Management

Redefine flexibility

Clock in from the North Pole, Atlantis, or your local coffee shop. Work remotely and stay as connected as ever. Be empowered with flexibility on another level.

Day-to-day Operations


In a few clicks, you’re done reviewing leave requests. A few clicks more and you’ll breeze through attendance, benefits, and reimbursement. Congratulations, you are the fastest HC admin in the world.

One-stop HCIS Solution


All your HC functions compacted in a single, powerful platform. From recruitment to development, and everything in between, digitized and paperless. Start saving trees with your HC department.

Organization Strategic Development

HCBP: Human Capital Best Partner

Take charge and drive your HC towards the same finish line. Design your organizational structure to the smallest details like job fulfillment, supply, and demand. Be the best strategic business partner you’re meant to be.

Talent Management

Perfect Fit

Give meaning and purpose to your work using our powerful job design tools. Specify competencies and requirements to craft the digital job description. Make the right fit between the right talent and the right job.

Applicant Tracking System

Get better insight into candidates supported by Dreamtalent. Psychological and aptitude profiles analyzed by our predictive algorithm to help you find the right people from the start.